Water’s Edge

dedicated to my Aunt Alona

Down by the water’s edge
I watch her floating
as only my Aunt could float.

She was born a prairie girl
where the wind shapes the land
then later she found her haven to be
in the waters of the northern woods.

She told me at the end
in her mind’s eye
days were replaying past
as her stories blended
a lifetime flashed
across her Crystal blues.

She was my second mom.
God-damn cancer!

We bathed her in lavender and rose
cherished the sounds of her breathe
and savored the few words she had left.

Her daughter never left her side
while the rest of us took turns
until, until she said
laying her stones down
a shield around us
her spirit bloomed with peace.

She always said
each life we search
for the same souls
the ones we match….

When I close my eyes
I feel our souls connect
the wail of our goodbye.

I whisper to her
I will see you next time
down by the water’s edge.

River 3/15

published in Martin Lake Anthology 2016

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