Boxes of Blood

We are color-blinded by race
and obsessed with sex
a society of half truths
where people skim by

to the divides
categorizing them in groups
averaged out on paper.

We follow the order
as the instructions say
and check the box
that applies to us.

There are boxes with color
and labels of culture
but no American box
for the multi-racial.

No box for my blood
a mix of races and cultures.

No box
for my heart’s first choice

but still check a box,
the label you were marked
at birth.

I check white
but sometimes not.

*Published in the 2014 St Paul Almanac.
Spirit Songs manuscript

1 Comment

  1. From the moment we are born and right to our deaths, we are labelled, one way or another. The only box we should ever have to check is the one which says: human! Great piece!

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