PoA-my life series- the beginning

I am gathering together all the poems I’ve written over the years about growing up in the Pocket of Agates: My Life Series- The Beginning.

Siddhartha and Me

It all began
in the center of a book
back in ’73,
I was a bud of life
my mom a literature hippie.
Living high in the Rocky’s
cradled in the nook of a pine
she read about a man’s life
and how he sat half way blind
along the river’s edge,
tangled in a web of choice
he wept.
Water washed away the selfish,  
rekindling his spirit,
forever he was changed.
My mom sat in the web
folding her story between his words
settling her hand over me
she climbed down the tree
as her new chapter began
her feet took stance
she knew the name for me.
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