Biography of an Artist

I am a poet and multi-media artist residing in a river town along western Wisconsin. My poetic writings and artistic touches reflect my diverse upbringing and Ojibwe roots plus the ponderings I have being a forty something American mother living with the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. Often, I integrate poetry and art into one artistic piece.

Literature was the first artistic form that woke my inner need to create. When I was a girl, my imagination would play rewriting the ends of stories and creating new worlds. As a teenager, I feed my creative need through the lens of an old 35. Photography and beading were my main means of expression while, I dabbled in drawing and poetry.  Then in college, I dove deeper into photography and gained more skill with beads. I took classes in dance and oil painting, learning new techniques in both. After school, I continued  creatively expressing myself primarily through photography and bead work.

In my early thirties, I returned to the power of words with poetry. I continued creating as pictures formed though lens and brush; eventually, combining them with poetry into one piece. Today,  I take my photos with a digital 35 continuing my passion for photography and adding another layer with digital art. I paint, bead, weave dreamcatchers, sew creations, and do crafts of all sorts with many materials. I enjoy blending 2 or more forms together into a sculpture or a wall hanging. I usually have at least two projects underway besides my daily need to write poetry. I am a poet and artist expressing my thoughts and perceptions as they grow from ideas into poems and visual creations.

I share my voice with you.

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©Copyright River Maria Urke. All rights reserved.

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