Who is God?

along the roadside headed East her thumb stands in the cool breeze as wisps of brown blow across states she weaves stories through rings of light as I grow eye to eye we stand stubborn and strong two beans in the pod jumping borders spinning heads as time continues on new generations change roles age [...]

Boxes of Blood

We are color-blinded by race and obsessed with sex a society of half truths where people skim by indifferent to the divides placed categorizing them in groups averaged out on paper. We follow the order as the instructions say and check the box that applies to us. There are boxes with color and labels of [...]

Break Time

I have learned to stop when that warm feeling begins to grow deep down in the pit of my chest you know the feeling screaming stop when you’ve reached your limit no matter whatever it is you’re out of patience cultivating a mass of frustration rising spreading consuming your body hijacking your mind I have [...]

   Water’s Edge

dedicated to my Aunt Alona Down by the water’s edge I watch her floating as only my Aunt could float. She was born a prairie girl where the wind shapes the land then later she found her haven to be in the waters of the northern woods. She told me at the end in her [...]