Poems for Paintings

Eagle Eye

Drumbeats climb
to rhythms of time
when wolves ran free
along the rising red sun
and an Eagle’s eye
scanned all four corners.

a time of balance, now lost,
we live all man-made
replaced today
on lands of cement

pretending it’s our right,
a human right,
to invade beyond our space

forcing wolves to hide
in small corners
while Eagles soar valleys,
dying, as their eggs crack.

Beneath life’s imbalance
a storm grows stronger
blowing the door open,
crossing waters that know
how the story goes.

Spirit Songs

In the shallows of a northern lake
a woman stands with drum in hand,
feeding her wounded spirit with song.

She beats to rhythms of drum
singing strength back into her bones
spreading seeds of courage
across the marsh
and up the hills of rolling folds.

Her voice soars into the wind
down through the valley below
it glides by the willows
and sweeps the grass in dance.

Circling around she stands
beside her grandmothers
and begins to heal with song
fading tomorrows fears.